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The Results of the EFNIL Master's Thesis Competition

Here are the winners of the EFNIL Master's Thesis Award: Nastja Slavec, Magdalena Pawlik, Kristina Babic.

For the first round of the EFNIL Master's Thesis Award, EFNIL received 18 applications from 8 different countries written in 5 different languages covering a broad spectrum of topics such as second language acquisition, language ideologies, translation, dialects and language attitudes. We are most grateful to have received so many interesting, intelligent and well written projects.

All theses had excellent grades and were accompanied by well-motivated recommendations.

The jury was composed as follows:

  • Dr. Linnea Hanell, Sweden, Language Council of Sweden
  • Prof. Gerhard Stickel, Germany, Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache (IDS)
  • Research Professor Ari Páll Kristinsson, Iceland, Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies
  • Dr. Sabine Kirchmeier, Denmark, Vice president of EFNIL
  • Assistant Prof. Nataša Gliha Komac, Slovenia, ZRC SAZU, Fran Ramovš Institute of the Slovenian Language

The members of the jury agreed that all applicants had delivered excellent work. The winners were chosen based on a combination of the following criteria: quality, analysis and discussion of political actions or policies, diversity of topics, distribution across countries.

The winners are:


Nastja Slavec (University of Ljubljana)

Supervisor: Prof. Bojan Baskar & Prof. Steve Coleman

Title: 'To have' Irish in Corca Dhuibhne: Language ideologies and practices in a minority language community.

Magdalena Pawlik (University of Warsaw)

Supervisor: Dr. hab. Lucja Biel

Title: The Art of Amendment: A Genre Analysis of Amendments Tabled by Members of the European Parliament in the Ordinary Legislative Procedure.

Kristina Babic (Universität Wien)

Supervisor: Prof. Inci Dirim

Title: Phonetic interference in second language acquisition of German. A study of phenomena of interference of Arabic-, Kurdish-, Romanian- and Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian-speaking learners of German as a second language.


The winner projects will be presented at the next EFNIL conference 1 October 2020.

We congratulate the winners and sincerely thank all applicants for their contributions.

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