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Dear EFNIL-colleague,
It seems that EFNIL is currently under phishing attack. For this reason you might have received a fake message asking you for financial support. It contains the request to agree with the payment of an amount of money and it is written in my name in my quality as EFNIL president.
First of all, don’t do what is requested. If you have done so already, please let us know. We will then take action and file an official complaint to police authorities. Secondly, my official mail address has not been affected. You can trust my email address and continue to use it. The phishing mail has altered this mail address by just adding one letter (, thus creating a new (alias) mail address that is apparently connected to a malicious mail box. Be aware not to send anything to the false mail address with the double nn in the name of the Taalunie. Check the mail address on correctness on future occasions if you receive mail written by me, rightly or seemingly as this might be. 
With my sincere excuses for all this confusion, which is of course beyond my and EFNIL’s control.
Kindest regards,
Johan Van Hoorde
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