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Speech in Action

Copenhagen, Denmark 18 Mar 2013 – 22 Mar 2013 Contact: Jan Heegard Call Deadline: 2 Nov 2012

Spontaneous speech is studied in many sub-disciplines of linguistics and the wider availability of large corpora of speech has increased the interest in spontaneous speech phenomena. Spontaneous speech data present challenges to theoretical linguistics as well as language technology and language acquisition, and the modeling of speech production and perception. The double conference on Speech in Action focuses on these challenges.

We invite linguists, phoneticians, speech technologists, psycholinguists, and sociolinguists to present papers or posters that address issues pertaining to the understanding of spontaneous speech phenomena.

Participants can submit abstracts to either or both of the conferences SJUSK 2013 and ExAPP 2013, and we invite proposals for thematic sessions and joint workshops.

For detailed information regarding guidelines and submissions for both conferences, please view the following website:

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