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Sad news about Joshua Fishman

Sadly, on Sunday, 1st March, the world famous sociolinguist Joshua Fishman passed away. To commemorate his life, a series of YouTube videos of an interview with him at the Trace Foundation, discussing minority languages and corpus planning, has been made. It can be found at the link below: Also, please note that two volumes published in conjunction with the celebration of Joshua Fishman's 80th birthday are the following: Language Loyalty, Language Planning, and Language Revitalization: Recent Writings and Reflections from Joshua A. Fishman, ed. by Nancy H. Hornberger & Martin Pütz Language Loyalty, Continuity, and Change: Joshua A. Fishman's Contributions to International Sociolinguistics, by Ofelia García, Rakhmiel Peltz, and Harold F. Schiffman Finally note that at the following link you can find a guide to the Joshua A. Fishman Papers at the Department of Special Collections and University Archives Stanford University Libraries

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