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International conference about Rethinking Language, Diversity, and Education

The conference will take place in Rhodes / Greece, on May 28-31, 2015, organized by the University of Toronto / Canada and the University of the Aegean/Greece in collaboration with the University of Crete / Greece. This gathering will bring together emerging and established researchers around the practices and policies of language diversity in education with representatives of school boards, teacher associations, policy makers, community leaders, teachers, and school administrators to engage issues of linguistic and cultural diversity that have created a new ground for teaching and learning. A rethinking of the pedagogical imperatives of language, diversity, and education in communal and global contexts will enable new directions with respect to the question of difference, social justice and pedagogy in this millennium. The conference will be honoring the contributions of Jim Cummins (University of Toronto) and Michalis Damanakis (University of Crete) Suggested areas of rethinking: The Geography of Language Diversity: Countries & Institutions The people and their languages in context: Heritage Languages, Languages in Diaspora, Immigrant/ Minority / Indigenous Languages Concepts & Tools: e.g. Tansformation, Translanguaging, Continua of Biliteracy… Mainstream, Language Norm and Diversity, Mainstream Diversity Bilingualism and Literacy / Biliteracy / Biliteracies / Multiliteracies Language Contexts, e-Contexts and Hybrid Contexts Language Diversity in action: Good Practices Pedagogical Orientations, Nested Pedagogies Language Diversity & Identity issues / Texts New Research Agenda Technology and Language Diversity Literacy and Technology Website is open for abstracts: Facebook: Important dates: Abstracts: March 15th, 2015 Paper submission: April 15th 2015

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