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FULL (Finno-Ugric Languages and Linguistics)-journal

The editors of FULL (Finno-Ugric Languages and Linguistics) are pleased to announce the first issue of the second volume of the journal. The journal is meant to provide a platform for linguistic research on modern and older Finno-Ugric or other Uralic languages and dialects, comparative research as well as research on single languages, with comparison of just Finno-Ugric languages or comparison across family lines, with formally or empirically oriented papers. The present issue contains three papers, one historical-comparative, and two dealing with syntactic constructions in individual languages. Please visit the journal website: A small announcement is in order regarding the journal’s online access system, which was modified so that now all papers can be freely accessed and downloaded without any need for prior registration. At the same time, those who register, or have already registered, are provided with the benefit of getting notified of new issues, calls, etc. via the occasional email. The Editors Anders Holmberg Balazs Suranyi Paul Kiparsky Pauli Brattico

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