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First Live Meeting of Renewed EFNIL EC

The new Executive Committee of EFNIL had its first live meeting on 10th December 2015 in Brussels. The meeting was hosted by the Nederlandse Taalunie and was held on the premises of the Brussels Office of the organisation. Acting as hosts, Ms Mieke Smits and Mr Kevin R. De Coninck gave an account of their activities and plans of their Unit. Participants in the ensuing friendly exchange confirmed their readiness for cooperation in the future.

The agenda of the meeting was as follows:

1. Helsinki conference:

    1.1 Afterthoughts and evaluation

    1.2 Publication of the proceedings

    1.3 Minutes of the General Assembly

2. State of EFNIL's finances

3. Projects:

    3.1 ELM

    3.2 Website

    3.3 Language legislation in Europe

    3.4 New project on "plain and clear language"

4. Warsaw conference: First ideas

5. Visibility of EFNIL

6. Any Other Business


Click here to see the Minutes of the EC meeting (login required)

Click here to see a picture taken after the EC meeting

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