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17th Annual Conference in Tallinn

The 17th EFNIL conference and General Assembly were held in Tallinn between 9th and 11th October.

The 17th EFNIL conference in Tallinn was held with the following theme: Language and Economy: Language Industries in a Multilingual Europe.

The conference was a successful cooperation between the Institute of the Estonian Language, the Estonian Language Council, the Ministry of Education and Research, the Tallinn City Government, the Mother Tongue Society and the European Commission Directorate General for Translation (DGT) and EFNIL. 

Several positive reactions have been received from member institutions and from external speakers as well. EFNIL appreciates the great organisation and thanks very much for the wonderful conference in Tallinn.

Additionally we are happy to announce and welcome the organiser of the upcoming conference: Željko Jozić from the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics.

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