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Helsinki 2015

The following contributions to the Conference 2015 in Helsinki are available in print at European Federation of National Institutions for Language.

"Language use in public administration. Theory and practice in the European states"


See whole publication here.






Gerhard Stickel / Pirkko Nuolijärvi

Preface / Saatteeksi / Förord


Reports on different countries

Rickard Domeij / Jennie Spetz

Can official websites be accessible for all? A Swedish language

policy perspective

Aino Piehl / Eivor Sommardahl

Working towards clear administrative language in Finland – bilingually

Ari Páll Kristinsson

Language in public administration in present-day Iceland: some challenges for majority language management

Nicoletta Mariolini

Multilingualism – a governmental perspective

Walery Pisarek

The  Jasnopis (“clear writing”) project and other recent endeavours to improve communication between public institutions and citizens in Poland

Júlia Vrábľová / Slavomír Ondrejovič

Language use in public administration – theory and praxis in Slovakia

Anne Kjærgaard

The organisation of the plain language movement in Denmark

Margrethe Kvarenes

Clear language in Norway’s civil service: a joint initiative under changing political winds

Jutta Ransmayr

Monolingual country? Multilingual society. Aspects of language use

in public administration in Austria

Anna Davitt / Seán Ó Cearnaigh

Language use in public administration in Ireland – public service, private choice

Amira-Louise Ouardalitou

Language use in public administration in Luxembourg

Panel discussion

Sabine Kirchmeier / Anne Kjærgaard / Margarethe Kvaraenes / Aino Piehl

Language use in public administration – what do we want?

Special Reports

Karlijn Waterman


Bessie Dendrinos

Is ‘Multilingualism’ taking a back seat in the EU? Time for action

Italo Rubino

The Italian language in EU institutions and the REI

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