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Webinar 2021

Programme overview

24 March - Reflections on EFNIL

14:00-14.10 Welcome and opening remarks

14.10-14.55 EFNIL as an organisation

14.55-15.30 EFNIL and its projects

15.30-15.40 Break

15.40-16.10 EFNIL as a political influencer.

  • Claire-Lyse Chambron, Délégation à la langue française (presentation)

  • Charlotta af Hällström-Reijonen, Institute for the Languages of Finland: The network of Nordic Language Councils (presentation)


16:10-16:45 Information about the EU-project European Language Equality.

25 March - EFNIL projects

10:00-11:30 ELM - European Language Monitor (presentation)

14:00-15:30 ELIPS - survey – results – further perspectives. (presentation)


Programme details


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